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Automated Eligibility Checks

Insurance eligibility is automatically verified daily, and at the time you place a patient order, so you’ll never deliver ineligible orders.

Automatic Real-Time Billing

Billing submissions are recorded immediately after the delivery signature so that you can skip the batching process entirely.

Cloud Connectivity

Everyone on your team can access the same data no matter where you are with our secure, cloud-based server.


Links specializes in converting from your old, out-dated software to our new, innovative technology so that the transition is seamless.


Our software is cost-effective and built to grow your business. Pay for the features you need now and add to your software as required.

Customer Center

Links has created a customer portal that gives your patients access and the ability to edit their personal and order information.

Fulfilment Service Integration

Links software integrates with the shipping companies you use every day to make shipping, billing, and order transparency even simpler.

Integration with Vendor Catalogs

Links is integrating with the catalogs you utilize the most so that you can eliminate manual, error-prone entry of product information.

Inventory Tracking

Track inventory from maintenance to serialized and lotted items to transfers to pick-up & exchanges to the standard picked, packed, shipped, and delivered.

Maintenance System

The Links maintenance system is a comprehensive tool that makes it efficient to track equipment that is out for maintenance.

Notes & Tasks

Notes & Tasks are displayed when you log in so you’ll always be on top of time-sensitive issues and deadlines.

Order Tracking

Save time and reduce errors with our multi-level ordering system that displays data specific to each user at each stage of the order process.

Pick-up & Exchange System

Pick-ups & exchanges now have their own ticket giving your team a more accurate way to dispatch staff for retrieval and track equipment.

Purchase Requests

Automate the purchasing process with purchase requests that let you generate purchase orders in bulk saving you time.


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Hello! How may we help you?

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