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The team at Links HME developed our Home Medical Equipment cloud software because we know the complexities of running a healthcare business. We designed Links to automate every day, manual processes that slow down your business and take up valuable employee time.

We also know that growing a business is a balancing act. If you had the right tools to streamline your processes you could grow faster and improve profitability. But, finding the budget and the time to integrate a new system can seem impossible.

That’s why we built a customizable, modular software that lets you pay for what your business needs now and add features to your software as your requirements change. We are also conversion experts which means that we make integrating our software and migrating your data a seamless process.

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Our Integrated cloud HME software combines customer data entry, billing, inventory control and replenishing and distribution. Will allow your business to focus on customers by increasing efficiency and

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Tori S

CFO & Lead Trainer

Tori is an outstanding team leader and trainer. She loves learning, which is why she enjoys working at Links HME. We are constantly adding new features for Tori to become an expert in!

Tori has always lived in Texas and enjoys the beautiful lakes and playing outdoors with her son.

As a creative thinker and people-focused person, Tori excels at working with new companies during the Links integration process. She makes training fun and effective so that your entire team will get the most out of your new software.

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Chris B


Chris is a coder by nature which fueled his passion for creating Links HME software. He is a focused problem solver who thrives on finding ideal solutions, quickly.

Chris is a born and bred Texan who enjoys the ideal weather conditions and friendly people. He is a family man with a wife and two kids. For Chris, life is all about family and his passion for work.

The idea for Links HME is his baby, and his goal is to reach as many HME companies across the U.S. to help businesses enjoy affordable software that improves their processes.

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Apurva B

Lead Software Developer

Apurva came to the U.S. to earn her Master’s degree in computer engineering and fell in love with the Texas weather, food, and people.

Since joining the Links team, Apurva has applied her web development and coding skills to help build our home medical equipment software.

Apurva is outgoing and friendly which makes her a perfect fit for Links excellent work culture and lively environment.

She is eager to soak up knowledge and enjoys working with each of the Links team members who are experts in their fields.

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Andrew L

Lead User Experience Designer

Andrew is an outgoing person with varied interests from rock climbing and archery to studying languages to watching and learning from Mythbusters host Adam Savage.

His inquisitive outlook on life helped him to graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a major in Industrial Design and a minor in Asian Studies. His interest in Asian culture includes a dream vacation to rent a car and stay at all 22 of Korea's national parks.

Andrew has a strong desire to take complex systems and turn them into usable software that simplifies everyday tasks. His favorite part of working for Links is his team members and creating usable software that helps businesses to succeed.

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Swathi B

Lead Conversion Specialist

Swathi is our resident Sudoku guru, which makes sense because of her analytical, organized, and logical nature.

In her spare time, if you don’t find Swathi playing brain games, you can find her watching Game of Thrones, traveling (Alaska and Spain are on her bucket list!), or simply relaxing.

With a Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, Swathi excels in developing web-based applications like our Links HME cloud-based software.

Swathi naturally likes to learn and take on new challenges, ideal for the tech field that is continually evolving and improving.


Chris Brown

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Hello! How may we help you?

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