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Fulfilment Service Integration

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Shipping and invoicing are more streamlined than ever now that we are integrating with the shipping companies you use day in and day out.

Automated Shipping

Shipping information is pulled directly from your system to generate shipping labels automatically upon placing an order. Quickly and easily print your label while packing the order for delivery!

Avoid Charges For Address Corrections

Validate shipping details like the city, state, and zip code to decrease delivery delays and avoid charges due to incorrect address information.

Transparency For Customers

Customers can track their supplies from the warehouse to their door with our online customer portal or direct from your shipping partner’s website.

Improved Customer Service

Customer Service can instantly track a customer’s order, even after it leaves the warehouse so that they can provide customers with real-time information.

Automatic Real-Time Billing

The second your delivery is complete and the signature is recorded, our system automatically updates and sends out your invoice, eliminating the batching process entirely.

Links software integrates with shipping companies making your business more efficient, accurate, and profitable.

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