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Automatic Real-Time Billing

Links: You to Getting Paid Faster

With Links, generating and submitting invoices to a clearing house has never been easier.

Bye-Bye, Batch Runs

For most billing departments, billing in batches is miserable. The process can take hours each day, barring any pesky system errors.

Real-time delivery and billing means submissions are recorded immediately after the signature. Now, claims are electronically submitted to your preferred clearing house immediately after a delivery, and skip the batching process entirely.

Links also has an intelligent system that helps explain denial reasons, so you can resolve the problem with your claim, and get paid.

Eliminate Costly Errors

With antiquated systems, billing and delivery errors occur all the time. Remember that $15,000 order that was supposed to go out Tuesday? Now it’s Friday, and you discover the order at the bottom of the delivery pile. With the Links Automatic Real-Time Billing feature, there is no such things as the bottom of the pile. Your billing department is given a bird’s eye view of all invoices in the system, so they can identify and resolve errors in seconds.

An automated system improves delivery accuracy and readily identifies missed delivery dates to reduce avoidable, costly errors. Don’t over-hire billing specialists, let Links HME do the job for you. Keep costs low and profits high.

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