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Purchase Requests

Links: You to Purchase Automation

Links makes managing inventory and bulk orders simpler than ever with the Purchase Request feature that gives you complete visibility to your PAR levels and automates the reorder process.

Streamline Your Purchasing Process

Think of Links HME as a window into your inventory. You can see what you have in your warehouses, when you need to replenish your inventory and efficiently create purchase orders in bulk.

How It Works

Links HME tracks the inventory in your warehouses. When an item dips below your minimum available PAR level, the system will automatically generate a purchase request - for the set reorder quantity. The purchasing department approves the request and sends it to the vendors. This process means that your warehouses will never go over or under PAR levels.

Don't Be Confined To One Purchase Order At A Time

When you need to reorder, you can generate purchase orders in bulk rather than one at a time. Links HME will automatically sort your requested items between multiple vendors and warehouses, when generating purchase orders from a purchase request.

Save Time And Money With A Streamlined Purchasing Process

Automate The Purchasing Process

Set your minimum available PAR level. As your inventory depletes and reaches your minimum PAR settings, Links HME will automatically send a purchase request, for a preselected reorder quantity, to your purchasing department.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

An automated PAR solution can save your organization time, money and stress from inventory shortages.

Improve Internal Communication

Keep your warehouses and customer service teams linked by simplifying internal communication. An automated process means increased productivity and fewer order discrepancies.

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