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Pickup & Exchange Systems

Links: You to Accurate Equipment Tracking

A delivered order isn’t necessarily the end of your relationship with the customer, product, or equipment, especially rental equipment. Outdated systems force you to create another order (a clunky way) to initiate a pick-up or exchange. The Links Pick-up & Exchange feature has developed a complete system that provides visibility to every step of the process.


Normally, with outdated software, you create another order when it’s time to pick-up your equipment from a customer...but you aren't ordering the equipment again. The multiple order system is inaccurate and can overwhelm your customer service reps.

With the Links Pickup & Exchange System, you create a pickup ticket. This ticket automatically notifies the clinical staff that they need to recover the equipment. Our system lets you know when the staff is dispatched, when the equipment is recovered, and when it is back in your warehouse.


Does your customer’s equipment need to be repaired or substituted for a new piece of equipment? That’s easy! Create an exchange ticket and your staff will receive a notification that an item needs to be picked up and exchanged.

Maintenance System Integration

What happens to the equipment you just picked up? Our system helps you track the item back into inventory. A new ticket is automatically created in the Maintenance System so that your equipment is tracked throughout each step of the repair process.

Avoid the Void

Pick-ups & Exchanges are not as simple as they seem. That’s why other software systems, with no insight and no tracking capabilities, won't do. You and your team members can quickly look-up an item and know exactly where your equipment is and whether it requires maintenance or not.

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