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Order Tracking

Links: You to Real-Time Data

Not only will Links facilitate communication within your team, it also helps you stay in the loop with your customer's order cycle, stay compliant, and communicate with your teammates effectively.

Multi-level System Simplifies Ordering

The Links order system simplifies the order process by only showing information relevant to each user. Orders go through stages; our system recognizes which stage the order is in, which department the user belongs to and configures the user's screen to display the data they need.

Save Time

Antiquated notes and tasks systems don’t prioritize simplicity. With Links, rather than using an outside ticket system or task management system, you can streamline your efforts and track a customer’s history directly in the software.

By keeping your communication in one location, and eliminating the need to run dual systems, nothing slips through the cracks.

Real-time Data

Everything you need to know about the order is in one centralized place. Quickly find out if your order is pending, ready for processing, being packed, packed, staged, in-route or delivered whether in-house or by a third-party supplier. You can also track if items were substituted, refused, denied, or placed on backorder.

Provide Better Customer Service

With real-time data, you can keep your customers informed throughout each phase of their order as well as any modifications or notifications regarding their items.

Managing and tracking orders is effortless with the Links multi-level Order Tracking feature

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