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Notes & Tasks

Links: You to Better Communication

Not only will Links facilitate communication within your team, it also helps you stay in the loop with your customer's order cycle, stay compliant, and communicate with your teammates effectively.

Never Miss An Action Date Again

Links will automatically display your pending notes and tasks the moment you log in. By showing what needs attention that day, Links ensures you are staying ahead of time-sensitive issues and deadlines.

Improve team communication and strengthen productivity by:

  • Displaying notes by type
  • Assigning a task to another user
  • Commenting on open notes
  • Searching notes
  • Exporting notes to a CSV

Notes and Tasks Are In A Centralized Location

Antiquated notes and tasks systems don’t prioritize simplicity. With Links, rather than using an outside ticket system or task management system, you can streamline your efforts and track a customer’s history directly in the software.

By keeping your communication in one location, and eliminating the need to run dual systems, nothing slips through the cracks.

Strengthen The Link Between Your Team and Your Customers

There are thousands of customers in your system and hundreds of notes and tasks are documented each day. Scaling a mountain of information that size is difficult, let Links be your guide.

Links creates a manageable and organized web that filters and sorts your most pressing deadlines. Users add comments directly to notes, making the history of changes and action items transparent. Notes are available on almost every entity of Links, examples include:

  • Customers
  • Doctors
  • Insurance companies
  • Inventory

It’s also a cinch to export your notes and tasks for HIPAA auditing purposes. An improved notes and tasks section makes it easier to accomplish your main goal - the customer’s satisfaction.

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