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Maintenance System

Links: You to Better Maintenance Management

Rental equipment can be cumbersome to track and manage without the right system. The Links Maintenance System provides the equipment management team with a comprehensive system that allows them to track and maintain their equipment efficiently.

Know Exactly Where Your Equipment Is

You can check serialized rentals in and out of the system. An item's availability can also be modified, so that if the equipment is reserved but not yet picked up, or is out for repair, you'll always know what items are in stock.

Recurring Scheduled Maintenance

You have many expensive pieces of equipment and most, if not all, require recurring scheduled maintenance. Links’ Maintenance System keeps tracks track of all your serialized items both in the warehouse and at your customer’s home to ensure your equipment is up to standards.

Manage In-House And Third-Party Repairs

It can be daunting to track repairs manually, especially if you have a mix of in-house, manufacturer, and third-party repair suppliers. Links organizes both into one central system. Just generate a maintenance ticket, and you can track your equipment from pick up for maintenance to return to the warehouse.

Your rental equipment is an expensive and valuable part of your business. The Links maintenance system ensures that you know where your rentals are and that they are properly maintained at all times.

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