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Inventory Tracking

Links: You to Inventory Visibility

Links’ inventory tracking system does so much more than just monitor your inventory. Of course, we have the core pick, pack, ship, and delivery tracking capabilities, but we also ensure you can track individual items, maintenance, and so much more.

Equipment Maintenance

Our system allows you to verify the status of your rental equipment inventory including location and repair schedules.

Lotted Items

Track multiple lotted items that belong to the same group. Lotted tracking is used to track items that have the same expiration date or to swiftly execute a recall.

Inventory Transfers

Have inventory but not in the right office? Transfer product from one warehouse to another instead of ordering new product.

Serialized Items

Track every unit individually. Serialization helps keep track of maintenance, warranties, and the location of your equipment.


Know the status of your order at every stage the process, including verified delivery notifications.


Keep track of inventory that has been picked up or exchanged with automatic updates to your inventory status.

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