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Customer Center Portal

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Give your customers access to the information they need at the click of a button and cut down on costly live support.

It’s Simple For Customers To Access Their Profile

Soon, customers will able to login and access the Customer Center Portal. All your customer requires is their name, DOB, and last 4-digits of their SSN to ensure confidentiality and meet HIPAA regulations; then they can view, track, and change personal and order details.

A Central Hub Of Information

Once logged-in, customers will have access to their profile, including:

  • Their personal information
  • Upcoming order status
  • Review and suggest changes on their order
  • Update their insurance coverage info
  • Update their primary care physician
  • Refuse orders or items
  • Request substitution items
  • Upload and download documents
  • Communicate with customer service
  • Shipment tracking
  • Order history

The Customer Center Portal can help reduce the number of customer support calls and allow your representatives to focus on more skilled tasks.

Easily Update Information

Customers can request to update their profile or make changes to their order directly through the portal. Requests are sent to a CSR to review and approve, so you are always aware of any changes.

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