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Links: You to Seamless Software Integration

You are frustrated with your old system, and you have decided to upgrade, exciting! But, nothing is worse than seeing that excitement fade when you don’t work with a team of highly trained conversion specialists. At Links, we know that smoothing the integration process is one of the most critical factors to the success of our software. We expertly guide you through each step to ensure a seamless transition.

Getting Started

Our first step is to get to know your business, what your pain points are, and how we can improve your business processes. From there, we make a plan to work with you, identify the key players of your business involved with the transition, and create a plan to remove the old software and integrate your new Links software.


You have valuable data stored in your old system that needs to be retained. We extract, test, and verify that all your data is kept safe and is ready to be integrated into the new system. We even put your data into a live test environment, so you can verify all data again and test major parts of the system to ensure accuracy.


Training is essential to the conversion process. When employees feel comfortable with new software they are more likely to utilize it to the best of its capabilities. That is why we offer robust and ongoing in-house or web conferencing training for all employees.

Go-Live Support

Our customer service is second to none. For the first week after your new software goes live, we provide you with a training specialist or software architect on-site. They are there to assist you with any questions you have and help maximize the benefits of your new software.

Customer Service

Once your software is live and you have enjoyed the company of our training specialist for a week, you are assigned an Account Executive who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Your dedicated specialist is your go-to for feedback or questions, and they are always prepared to help.

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We would like to know a little about you to best serve your needs. Once we recieve your information, we will reach out to schedule a time to meet. We look forward.