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Automated Eligibility Checks

Links: You to Patients with Coverage

Does your patient’s insurance cover the equipment they have ordered? With automatic eligibility checks, you’ll never have to guess

Check Eligibility From The Same Screen You Review Orders

Now you don’t have to utilize another system to check eligibility, all the information you need is in one place saving you time and reducing errors.

We Check Eligibility Daily

The Links system checks your customer’s eligibility status for commercial payers, Medicaid, and Medicare every night at midnight so you’ll never deliver equipment to patients without the coverage to pay for the equipment.

We Check Every Order

Any time you open a patient order or profile, we automatically check the customer’s eligibility. You get real-time data so that if their coverage has changed between midnight and the time you review the order, you always have up to date information.

What We Check

We don’t just check a patient’s eligibility; we also provide you their:

  • Payer name
  • Insurance ID
  • Deductible
  • Copay
  • Date of last eligibility check
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