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Inventory Scanners

Armed with inventory scanners, your warehouse team can accurately and efficiently track inventory from receiving to delivery.

A Seamless Receiving Process

After receiving a shipment from your supplier, your warehouse team scans each item, and Links will instantly document pertinent information such as SKU number and quantity. From there, you can choose to either stage items or Links can assist with the putaway process to ensure all items reach their proper destination in the warehouse.

Pick More Efficiently

Employees can find the location and determine the fastest order of picking items according to aisle and bin location. This strategic approach saves time allowing your warehouse team to process more orders in a day.

Pack Accurately

Most warehouses require one person to pack items and one person to verify accuracy. Links’ precise software makes this extra step obsolete. Rest assured that you are ordering and delivering the correct inventory for every customer every time.

Real-time Delivery Confirmation

Verify your deliveries with real-time delivery confirmations. Upon verification, the system automatically marks the order as complete then generates and submits an invoice.

State Of The Art Technology

Links’ inventory scanners are WiFi and cellular compatible, which makes them accessible both in-house and in the field. The range of use decreases warehouse maintenance costs and improves training opportunities.

Intuitive And Affordable

Links’ inventory scanner guns are easy to use, intuitive and, best yet, affordable. They also come with a whole host of benefits and accessories:

  • Ongoing customer support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 18-hour battery life
  • Quad charge stations
  • Wireless Zebra printers and labels in multiple sizes
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