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Real-Time Delivery Confirmations

Links’ new cloud-based system and real-time delivery confirmations are the keys to inventory visibility - a crucial component of supply chain efficiency.

Be Rid Of The Paper Trail

Outdated processes that rely on paper systems have too much room for error. Currently, tickets are:

  • Physically delivered
  • Manually signed
  • Transported back to the office

And eventually placed in a seemingly black hole of other tickets where an employee must verify signatures and identify refused items. Each time information trades hands throughout the process, human error can strike. Trade the void for transparency and consistent communication.

How Real-Time Delivery Confirmations Work

At the time of delivery:

  • Get a signature
  • The system automatically verifies the order;
  • Then generates and sends the invoice to the insurance company for payment

By leveraging the latest technology, each step completes before the driver even returns to their vehicle. Everything is recorded electronically and accessible to every team member at any time.

Be Ahead Of Your Customer

Keep better records with an automated delivery confirmation system. There is nothing worse than scrambling to answer a customer’s question about their order. Put your customer at ease by quickly locating the exact status of their order - from packing the items to delivery.

Reduce Errors, Speed Up Payments

Errors are costly to your business and kill productivity. Real-time capabilities track refusals, refusal reasons, and notes from the driver. There are fewer errors during the billing cycle, fewer denials filed, and faster invoice payments. Faster payments, now that’s something to celebrate!

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